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About Us

Develop Digital Media Was Born To Help Junk Removal Businesses Consistently Increase Their Revenue Overtime

Are you spending all of your hard-earned money trying to win a digital battle against the massive junk removal and dumpster rental franchises, only to discover that you will never outspend them? 

Here at Develop Digital Media, we believe that you should market smarter not harder.  

Sounds cliché, but winning in your local junk removal market is not always about who can spend the most money acquiring leads.  Yes, having a large marketing budget certainly helps, however, that is not the deciding factor as to who wins out in the end. 

We Do One Thing And We Do It Well

At Develop Digital Media, we work exclusively with junk removal companies.  We found the junk removal market so competitive and complex that we decided to make it our mission to solve it… and we did. 

All of our hard work eventually led to the creation of the Junk Machine.  The junk machine is the perfect combination of junk removal digital marketing services and business automation crafted to steadily and predictably grow your business over time. Since its creation, we have been successfully helping businesses all over the US finally achieve the results they are looking for. 

Scaling your junk removal businesses comes down to more than just more calls and more trucks! You need efficient systems in place that scale with you as you grow.